Tshwaranang’s Research Program is highly reputed for generating high quality research that adds to the existing knowledge base and is relevant and of practical use to efforts to address gender based violence. The research utilises a strong evidence base which informs the development of programmes particularly our training and capacity building activities, advocacy approaches and further guides Tshwaranang’s efforts to identify and promote preventative and responsive approaches to addressing gender based violence in South Africa.

Through the quality of our research, past, present and future, Tshwaranang has built a knowledge management system that serves as a resource base for anyone seeking literary information on reducing gender based violence through access to justice. Furthermore, through the research unit, Tshwaranang has played a key role with partners in driving legislative reform around domestic violence and sexual offences, as well as the implementation of the sexual offences courts. Our research and expertise has also been used in court cases of national significance.

Current Research:

Understanding Barriers…

Understanding barriers to the use of medico-legal evidence in the prosecution of sexual violence in four provinces in Kwa-Zulu Natal, Eastern Cape, Mpumalanga and Gauteng.

Experiences of Women Rape Survivors

Experiences of Women Rape Survivors in accessing medico-legal services after rape in Piet Retief, Mpumalanga.

Alcohol related violence

Alcohol related violence against women in Kuruman ,Northern Cape


Watch this space for a documentary “WHERETO FROM HERE –JOURNEY OF SURVIVORS POST RAPE”

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