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Training and Capacity Building

The Tshwaranang Capacity Building Program is the vehicle through which Tshwaranang reaches out to organisations, communities and individuals with our advocacy message.

The objectives

One of the objectives of the Legal Services Unit is to develop the capacity of local organisations to provide legal information and support to clients relating to gender based violence, maintenance and family law. It is hoped that this strategy will increase local levels of knowledge about the law and how it can be used to protect and advance the rights of women, and will also lead to increased access to justice for individual women in those communities.

  • To provide people with information and knowledge that empowers them to take action on their own or others behalf;
  • That women who experience violence will know what to do, where to go and what their rights are;
  • Communities will support women experiencing violence and discourage the perpetration of violence;
  • Services are accessible meaning that they provide appropriate services in a non-judgemental, respectful and compassionate manner;
  • Increased levels of reporting due to better services and improved outcomes
  • Implementation of relevant laws and adherence to constitutional rights

Who we train

Capacity building targets government and government services, grassroots community based organisations (such as schools, local authorities, health centres) and the staff of local and international NGOs. Training is targeted and provided nationally in all 9 South African provinces.


Gender based violence

  • Different forms of gender based violence
  • LGBTI – rights
  • Discrimination & stigmatisation and harassment
  • Child abuse
  • GBV in schools
  • Gender & HIV & SRHR Rights

Access to justice;

  • Legal frameworks and structures
  • Relevant policies and law
  • Legal Processes
  • Individual rights within the legal system

Current training Programs

Gender based training for the Department Basic Education (DBE)

This is a training and mentoring program Primary and Secondary level Educators and those who provide further education and training. The program is provided to educators in 9 provinces and follow up mentoring is given to those educators who have expressed a desire to receive ongoing support and encouragement in the implementation of what they have learned.

The DBE training is fully funded by UNICEF from …. To ….

Royal Netherland Embassy

Aids Foundation of South Africa (AFSA)

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