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Invitation to a roundtable discussion on gender violence and political parties

We believe that the upcoming 2011 Local Government Elections have created an important opportunity to discuss issues which are most pertinent to women. Local governments ought to spearhead service delivery and, very often, citizens’ dissatisfaction with service delivery role out has been expressed in violent terms. Regarding gender equality issues, the political parties contesting the coming elections have been challenged to respond to the issues of the political representation of women and their commitment to 50/50 lists. However, little has been said or discussed regarding the local dimensions and challenges of making local government work for communities and people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. As importantly, safety issues of women, in particular putting an end to the gender-based violence experienced daily by women and LGBTI citizens rank high in the priorities list of the councilors in waiting. We would like to invite you to engage in a roundtable discussion on HIV/Aids and gender-based violence with the representatives of the political parties, other civil society organisations and the community. View the invitation

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