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Roundtable Invitation: Developing a health sector response to domestic violence

July 2008 Domestic violence impacts significantly upon women’s health, being associated with injury, poor mental health, miscarriages and ill-health generally. It has also been shown to place women at particular risk of HIV infection. Given these health consequences, it is likely that most healthcare workers in the course of their day-to-day duties will encounter women living with abuse. Yet, no formal policy exists to guide the health sector response to the problem of domestic violence. This roundtable aims to begin exploring possible health sector responses by:
  • Presenting and engaging with current health sector projects addressing domestic violence
  • Identifying the range of potential health sector interventions addressing domestic violence, as well as factors enabling or constraining the implementation of such interventions
  • Building networking relationships between projects in the health sector addressing domestic violence
See the roundtable invitation Read the roundtable report read TLAC's 2009 submission to parliament on the health consequences of domestic violence

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