Give Women Access to Justice to Protect Their Safety

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Give Women Access to Justice to Protect Their Safety

  • My name is Shireen Motara and I have worked with violence against women for over two decades. My current role is supporting fundraising and income generation for organisations that do this important work, but are hamstrung by reduced and redirected funding.
  • The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds for the Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre  to establish an Affordable Law Clinic that can generate income to support its programs that provide access to justice for women who cannot afford to pay and whose rights are not protected by the justice system.
  • #Know their Names– The facts below provide insight into the reality of the challenge we face  and why we need Your support. Just between January and May a number of women across SA society were affected. the names below are only a small sample of the actual numbers!
  • Franziska Blöchliger, 16. Franziska was raped and murdered in March 2016, in the Tokai Forest in Cape Town. Howard Oliver confessed and was convicted in May 2017.
  • Priska Schalk, 29. Priska was stabbed to death with numerous knives in February 2017. Her boyfriend was arrested for the murder.
  • Jeannette Cindi, 34. Jeannette was five months pregnant. She was raped, killed and burnt by five men in April 2017.
  • Stacha Arendse, 13. Stacha was raped and murdered in March 2017. 31-year-old Randy Tango was arrested.
  • Sthembile Mdluli, 37. Sthembile was murdered and her body hidden in April 2017. She was found days after being reported missing. Her male friend was arrested.
  • Akhona Njokana, 31. Akhona was shot dead in January 2017. Her ex-boyfriend is in custody. 
  • Nicola Pienaar, 28. Nicola was murdered in January 2017 and buried in a shallow grave. Her boyfriend was arrested. 
  • Iyapha Yamile, 6. Iyapha was murdered and stuffed in a plastic bag in April 2017. Two men were arrested. 
  • Lekita Moore, 18. Lekita was stabbed several times and left in a field in September 2016. Her friend Cameron Wilson is being charged for her murder. 
  • Rene Roman, 13. Rene’s body was found with her hands and feet died, half naked in March 2017. 50-year-old Andrew Plaatjies has been accused of her murder.


What We Need & What You Get

Break it down for folks in more detail:

  • We need $20, 000 to help us register the clinic; get the clinic operating and to implement a marketing campaign to create awareness of the services across the country.
  • To recognize your contribution, we will recognize your contribution on our social media and website, as well as at the launch of the clinic. We will also ask you to make an appearance on a video we will create about the Clinic; and we will give you an opportunity to Skype with our team to learn about the difference your contribution is making.
  • Even we don’t reach our goal, we still be able to get the clinic operational on a limited budget, although creating awareness of this affordable service will be impacted.

The Impact

Feel free to explain more about your campaign and let people know the difference their contribution will make:

  • Statistics show that only 7% of rape cases result in convictions.
  • We have worked hard through our advocacy, training of justice officials and impact litigation to start changing the system. For example, our courts have recently removed the statute of limitations on sex offences against adults and children giving them the ability to pursue justice at any time.
  • With this clinic our impact will be DOUBLE  – we can provide free legal services to survivors of domestic violence, rape and sexual harassment; plus we can provide affordable legal services to women who need an attorney on matters relating to divorce, wills, children,  and contracts.

Risks & Challenges

  • As an organization with 20 years experience in providing legal support, we know exactly where the hurdles and have the ability to provide the legal support women need.
  • In addition to law clinic, we will continue with our advocacy and training work, impact litigation and serving as expert witnesses or legal advisers to ensure systemic change in the way the justice system deals with violence against women

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help:

  • Please share our campaign with your friends and family. We need their support too!
  • Use the Indiegogo share tools to promote our campaign