Press Release: Budget Speech – Minister Gordhan, Women Do Not Have a Good Story to Tell

The Tshwaranang Legal Advocacy Centre to end violence against women is seriously concerned that twenty years into democracy, women overall, and women of different hues: black women, rural women, women who are single parents, women who are disabled, lesbian women, elderly women, young women and girls; and women who are stuck in the survivalist sector amongst others have nothing to celebrate. So it is very difficult to agree with the Finance Minister, Pravin Gordhan’s statement that, “Twenty years of freedom and democracy have changed the face of our country. The last five years have further advanced change and a better life for all, especially the poor and the working class.(more…)

Vacancy: Project Manager

We’re looking for an experienced Project Manager who wants to make the world a better place. This role will report to and support the Executive Director, and will work closely with all staff. This is a challenging position which requires strong project management and organization skills, excellent interpersonal skills, and the ability to work well in fast paced diverse environment. (more…)

Women’s Rights Organisations Call for More Women Judges

The Women’s Legal Centre (WLC) and the Tshwaranang Legal advocacy Centre to end violence against women (TLAC) are greatly concerned with the under- representation of women in the judiciary. As mentioned by the president in his 2014 State of the Nation Address, some progress has been made towards transforming the judiciary – but women are still critically under -represented 20 years into democracy.

At present, statistics show that females make up 51.3% of South Africa’s population. However, out of 239 judges only 76 are women, meaning that women only make up 31% of the judiciary. With 51.3% females in the country, having only two female justices in the Constitutional Court, the highest court on constitutional matters, is inexcusable.

In order to reflect the gender demographics of the country, the number of women judges would have to increase by at least 20%.

“The constitution requires the judiciary to reflect the race and gender demographics of the country. Women’s access to justice is facilitated by having their peers represented on the judiciary, and seen to be making decisions on cases.” said Jennifer Williams, Director and attorney at the WLC.

Gender inequality is still one of the most pressing issues in the country, and the number of women in the judiciary highlights that.

“To effectively improve gender equality and the respect for women’s rights in this country, it is imperative that leadership, including government and the judiciary are seen to be actively taking steps to improve the representation and participation of women in decision making structures – in this case the Judiciary.”

We call for the Judicial Service Commission to prioritise shortlisting women candidates for vacancies in all the courts, so as to address this serious case of under-representation of women on the bench.

For more information contact:
Jennifer Williams (WLC) : 021 424 5660 / 078 803 3110
Acting Director – Shereen Mills (TLAC) : 011 403 4267

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